Humility and Compassion

Don’t put yourself down! You need to have the humility and compassion towards yourself and others that comes from Lojong mind training, and THEN you bring the dignity of the Vajrayana. Everything in the Vajrayana is related to dignity. When you have the dignity, half your job is done! Many things we do in life aren’t successful because we aren’t sure. This doesn’t mean you have pride though. Pride is thinking you are special. Dignity isn’t a thought at all, it’s a way of being. Dignity is transformed pride, free from ego. Dignity is actually knowing the potential within yourself. It is based on selflessness, not on the self. When you have that understanding developed, then you see that every single beings has that same potential. You literally can’t have any pride if you see everyone as equal.

Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche


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